uvss The is a Computer-vision technology based Automated Under-Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) using high end electro-mechanicals and camera based assembly to capture static image of the complete underside of any moving vehicle. The visual information captured by the system is synthesized by the system software and subsequently stitched seamlessly in real time to produce a composite image of the entire underside of the vehicle, which facilitates efficient viewing to detect presence of any potentially dangerous objects.

The product enables detection of any foreign bodies in real time eg. Explosives, arms, contrabands etc. that might be hidden under the underside of a vehicle.

The system can be further integrated with any other security devices like boom barriers, tyre killers, bollards, spikes, Smart Card/RFID based access control systems, etc. so as to provide a complete premise security solution.


  Enables real time detection of a moving vehicle at any speed
 Non-intrusive and interruption-free process for real-time  inspections.
 ‘Hard-to-view’ areas also captured through additional auxiliary  cameras places at strategic angles.
  High-Resolution composite image through high speed digital colour scanning camera provides minute details.
  Open architecture and integration abilities