tyre_killer_imgElectromechanical Tyre Killers

Electromechanical Tyre Killer is one of the highest security vehicle access control system in which a vehicle without permission cannot enter. Tyres of the unpermitted vehicle splits open immediately,therefore the vehicle moves only a few more meters and is stopped. Jaws of the tyre killer move all together. Drive unit is placed to one end of the tire killer, it stand above the ground level and is a complete assembly with the body. In this way, both smooth transmission of motion and minimum effect of external factors are achieved.



Control Electronics
Optima electromechanical tyre killers are controlled by a PLC. Open/Close function can be acheived by every kind of card readers, biometrics readers like fingerprint or hand shape,radio control on/off switch or key switch etc.Besides, saftey accessories like loop detectors, photocells, flashing lights or red/green light can be integrated to the control electronics very easily.Time delay arming of the tyre killer can be adjusted between 0-50 seconds.

Body, Jaws, And Drive Unit

Splitting jaws utilized in tyre killer is manufactured from 12 mm steel. Steel construction seperating the jaws in the body is 100 mm U beam.When closed, tyre killer is designed to withstand 25 tons of axle load.As it will generally be installed outdoors, all the elements of body, jaws and the drive unit is galvanized.Driving axle on which the jaws are welded is supported by 4 single row radial contact ball bearings,therefore both smooth operation and durability against high axle loads is achieved.In case of power failure, it is possible to disarm the tyre killer manully.Canbinet of the drive unit is manufactured from A1 quality steel, galvanized, electrostatically powder coated to RAL 2004 and furnaced.

Environmental Conditions and Power requirement

Between – 20°C and + 75°C, %95 non-condensing humidity, 220 V 50 Hz

Optional Accessories

1. Flashing or red/green light
2. Radio control receiver, transmitter and antenna
3. Saftey photocell, stand, casing
4. on/off switch
5. Loop detector

Tyre Description

ETK 01 Both for entry and exit tyre killer must be energized for the jaws to be armed/disarmed

ETK 02 To enter, jaws must be energized for disarmed potion; to exit just drive on.