power_fencing_imgPowerFence systems are non-lethal, electric fence solutions specifically designed for security applications

  Psychological deterrent
  Non-lethal shock

  Alarms on attack

Perimeter Protection

  No further security breaches
  A safe and secure environment for people
  Protection of intellectual property and assets
  A total perimeter security solution, which effectively detects and    deters intruders without false alarms.
  Enhancement of your image amongst your own customers
  Ensures that all regulatory safety requirements are met
  Customised to meet your specific challenges
  The payback starts from day one
  Reduce stress!

Deterent Shock is Safe and Humane

The main effect of the deterrent shock feature of the PowerFence is psychological.

We are taught from a young age not to touch or get too close to electricity. This respect or fear, depending on your perspective, keeps virtually everyone away from the Perimeter PowerFence™.

Those who do touch the fence, typically do so only once. They receive a short, painful, but safe and humane electric shock.

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