baggage_scanner_imgStandard Features

  Automated image archiving—up to 50,000 images
  User-friendly image review—up to last 100 images
  System Health, advanced continuous diagnostics
  High penetration function
  Density alert
  Edge-enhancement imaging
  Baggage counter
  Color and black/white imaging
  Bi-directional conveyor movement
  Geometric image distortion correction
  Horizontal and vertical imaging
  Image annotation
  Manual archiving of images in bitmap format
  Organic and inorganic imaging
  Clarify feature for improved resolution and penetration
  Print image function
  Programmable contrast levels
  Pseudocolor and reverse monochrome
  Real-time image manipulation
  Two high-resolution 19 in. (48.26 cm) LCD color monitors
  User-defined access to image archive
  2X to 32X User-selectable zoom
  Z-number measurement
  Six color imaging
  Nine zone zoom


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